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The journey of one piece touches many hands, each belonging to an individual with a story of their own. We are Geometric- concerned with the relativity of design, distance and people- we exist to connect. Geometric uses functional design and bold prints to fuel our customer’s connection to the journey of the garment and most importantly, themselves. Our pieces empower the fearless to take up space with bold expression The woman or man wearing Geometric shows up wearing their statement to the world.
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Geometric-The people
Our brand elevates the human experience in the supply chain. There is no final product without expert makers, artisans and designers who all bring their artistry, verve and essence to the process. Geometric partners with artisans in Ghana aiming to promote their work and we source our materials and design with a team of experts. The result is shared success throughout the value chain as artisans get access to training, sustainable income, and an update in their production standards.
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Geometric-The Impact
At Geometric, the journey of one piece connects one thousand stories.
The apparel and footwear industry accounts for over eight percent of global climate impact and Geometric is the antithesis of fast fashion. We err on the side of intentional and sustainable production. Our handcrafted accessories and apparel are made with high quality materials and life’s moments in mind. Hence our pieces are durable and functional/can be worn in multiple ways. We pride ourselves on capacity exchange between our team and the artisans where we employ the following principles in our business: Excellence, Sustainability and Promoting Art & Culture.
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