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According to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change:

Geometric is the antithesis of fast fashion. We use sustainable materials and produce intentionally with low impact on the environment.

Our brand elevates the human experience in the supply chain. Geometric partners with artisans in Ghana aiming to promote their work. We source & design our products locally and throughout West Africa.

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We take care of our team. 

Geometric pays employees a living wage and 3% of sales go back to the team & artisans. 

Geometric provides benefits such as health care coverage, performance bonuses, transportation stipends, Maternity & paternity leave, 21 days of PTO, and opportunities for professional development and advancement.

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What our team says

100% of artisans report that they have been able to make enough money to save for their future since joining Geometric.

“Before I started working at Geometric I didn't have a place to stay. But now, I’ve been able to afford my rent and live comfortably”

Handbag Artisan

“I have been able to experience a more comfortable life. I eat more meals. My quality of life has improved.”

Leather Artisan

“I am building a house on a plot of land with my savings.”

Handbag Artisan
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100% of artisans report improved job skills, increased self-confidence, and fulfillment at work

“I feel very happy when I come to work because I know I have a good job that helps make my life better.”

Apparel Tailor

“Geometric has boosted my confidence. I am now more confident and able to express myself when it is necessary.”

Leather Artisan

“I am a proud member of the Geometric team. Working here has taught me a lot about myself and how to relate with other human beings”

Handbag Tailor

We aim to improve and increase our impact each year. Our goals for 2022 and beyond!

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